Levitra is considered to be one of the effective drugs against infertility. This drug helps in getting the right erection and also helps in maintaining the proper erection.

Stop impotence now with Levitra!

Levitra is the revolutionary pill that makes erections possible for men with impotence. Levitra has changed the lives of over 5 million men by effectively combating impotence. Levitra is available in the US as well as in 90 countries and viagra is clearly very popular. Available only by prescription, doctors have prescribed Levitra for men with impotence. Levitra is taken orally. Though Levitra is certainly a controversial pill, it has been tested and approved by the FDA, and is not dangerous. Levitra has been found by the FDA to be effective in combating impotence. Yet, not everyone can take levitra, and men must be in good health to take it.

How Levitra works?

Levitra belongs to a group of medicines known as phosphodiesterase inhibitor. This erectile deficiency drug acts on the muscles in the penile region. Once the muscles are stimulated, more blood reaches the penis, which means the penis gets to become harder.

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How should I take Levitra?

Once you start to take Levitra drug, make sure that you take it as per the doctor's prescription. Never take the drug for very long periods or take more amounts of the medicine.

Levitra can be taken in empty stomach or with food. Make sure that you take Levitra with a full glass of water. Levitra can be used about an hour before engagaing in sexual activity. When taking Levitra, make sure that you maintain a gap of 24 hours between two doses.

Discussng with the doctor

You should never use levitra on your own for your impotency problems. Always seek the advice of a doctor before going for Levitra. When consulting the doctor, make sure that you do not miss any thing related to your health.

Inform the doctor if you are suffering from heart related problems; if you had a cardiac arrest in the recent times; stroke; history of long QT syndrome; liver isses; kidney problems; high/low pressure; sickle cell anemia; leukemia; , multiple myeloma; bleeding problems; stomach ulcers; Peyronie's disease; retinitis pigmentosa. if you have any of these health problems, the doctor may either not advise Levitra or he may go for dose adjustment.

What to avoid while taking Levitra?

Once you have started to use Levitra, it is better to give up alcohol. If alcohol is mixed with levitra, the possibility of side effects is higher. It is also better to avoid grapefruit and grapejuice while using Levitra. Once you have been given Levitra, you should not use any other impotency drug.

Levitra warnings

The doctors will not be giving you Levitra if you are under any medication that contains nitrates. It is not given as nitrate filled medicines can only lower the blood pressure, which could be dangerous.

It is also seen that Levitra can cause serious vision problems. Levitra drug can decrease the flow of blood to the optic nerves in the eyes, which could lead to vision loss. However, this condition has been only noticed in people who have diabetes, high blood pressure and those who already have certain eye problems.

Another important thing that has to be kept in mind is that you have to be cautious against prolonged erections. It has been said that erections that last for more than 4 hours are dangerous.

Levitra side effects

People using levitra can come across many side effects and also allergies. Some of the Levitra serious side effects include ringing in ears, vision loss, hearing loss, chest pain, pain spreading to arm/shoulder, sweating, nausea, irregular heartbeat, light-headedednss, swelling in hands/ankles/feet, breath shortness and seizures.

The lesser known Levitra side effects include warmth/redness in neck, chest, face; headache; stomach upset; back pain; memory problems.